Boiler Types

Choice of boiler types available...

In 2005 new guidelines were enforced to maximise efficiency on any new boiler being installed. High efficiency boilers are less costly and harmful on the environment and ultimately they can save you money, providing multiple benefits. Choosing the right boiler for a home is something we can advise on, and we have provided this easy guide to the different types of boilers available.

Combi Condensing Boilers

Conventional Condensing
(open vent boiler)

Combi Condensing Boilers provide the necessary heating for your central heating and tap water direct from the boiler itself. So this type of boiler doesn't require hot water cylinders or indeed cold storage tanks. Combo Condensing Boilers are traditionally used in smaller properties where space can be a premium, and a limited supply of hot water is needed.

This type of boiler is also energy efficient as water is heated instantly at the point of use, rather than being stored in a cylinder.

Also the benefit of a Combi Condensing Boiler is your water's delivered at mains pressure, so limits the need for additional pumps, typically installed to increase shower pressure.

This is the type of boiler or heating system we are most used to seeing in our homes over the past decades. A typical system with the hot water cylinder, and cold water storage tank in the loft which feeds the hot water cylinder. Not forgetting the additional tank that maintains the water level of a central heating system.

This type of boiler may be the best option if the house has a more traditional radiator system, as the increased water pressure from other boilers might be too much for the heating infrastructure.

Again perfect for two or more bathrooms, and drawing hot water simultaneously from multiple taps in the property. Also presents a good option where water pressure is low, and this type of boiler is perfectly compatible with solar water heating systems.

Conventional Condensing System Boiler

Sealed system boiler is an alternative name for this type of boiler, as the major heating components are built into the boiler itself. This speeds up the installation process with less parts including no need for an external tank in the loft. Perfect for where there is little loft space.

Compatible with solar heating systems is another benefit of a Sealed System Boiler, and delivers great environmental and energy saving benefits.

This type of boiler is ideal for homes with more than one bathroom, and can deliver a good supply of hot water to as many taps as required simultaneously.

Another benefit is economy, and Sealed System boilers can be very economical to run.