Baxi celebrate 150 years of UK manufacturing!

Baxi is name that is synonymous with heating appliances, and one of the oldest and most established names in the industry. 

From its inception it was bound to be successful with Richard Baxendale launching the company in 1866 focussing on the domestic heating sector, providing new and innovative products which now 150 years later are still industry leaders. With the launch of the famous Bermuda gas fired back boiler in 1966, the company built its reputation to what it is today.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Baxi continued over the course of the next fifty years with the launch of the Baxi Solo a low weight cast iron boiler. In 1990s Baxi took a strong foothold in domestic heating with the acquisition of a number of European companies including Ocean Idroclima, Blue Circle Heating Division, taking the company into a form of market leadership.

In 2006 the award winning Baxi Duo-tec was launched, and went on to win the Corgi boiler of the year. The company continued to innovate and win awards including 2012, which saw Baxi win the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

Now part of the BDR Thermea manufacturing group, Baxi continues to innovate with its award winning appliances and renewable technologies.

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