Power Flushing

There are a number of symptoms you can look for to see whether a power flush would be beneficial for your heating system. The first area to check is your radiators. If they are cold when your heating is on, or have cold spots, then you may have a blockage. You can also test by bleeding your radiator and checking whether the liquid is dirty inside. If your boiler regularly cuts out, or bangs continuously, this is again a sign that your system may need a power flush.

Due to prolonged use, there can often be a build-up of corrosion that develops in heating systems, something that can detrimentally affect the efficiency of your boiler. As this corrosion continues to build, an iron oxide slush becomes lodged inside your boiler and connecting pipes, blocking them and preventing radiators from heating properly.

Plumber Fixing Radiator With Wrench

A central heating power flush works by circulating chemicals through your heating system to dislodge this internal rust and corrosion, creating clearer and cleaner pipework and allowing radiators to heat up more effectively. The machinery used is connected to a magnetic filter, which collects and clears the internal sludge. It then pushes chemicals into the heating system to flush it, then balances the pH levels with neutralising crystals.

A blocked heating system can cause a huge rise in your heating bills, as your boiler takes longer to heat your home and is therefore left on longer. The lack of circulation and subsequent internal build-up can often lead to the need for repairs too, as flow rates drop and the system struggles to perform.  A power flush not only increases efficiency and lowers your energy bills, but also gives a longer life expectancy and a decrease in breakdowns.

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